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Technical Leadership

Forget about time management think about resource management

Description: Many technical leaders need to wear two hats. On the one hand, they are expected to be subject matter experts and be able to do technical work that requires focus time, and on the other hand they are expected to drive change via collaboration and partnership which means that they have a heavy meeting load.

In this workshop, Ayelet will share her own strategy and techniques to balance technical work (e.g. Project work) and collaborative work (e.g. meetings) and be productive. She will discuss how her neurodiversity has led her to develop techniques for managing tasks, prioritizing, estimating efficiently, and more. In addition, she will discuss how you can create your own systems and processes.

Topics will include things like creating structure in chaos, self awareness, Learning from SRE (that a non SRE can relate and implement) time management vs. resource management, mental cost, tool vs machinists and more.

My Journey To Cloud

In this session, Ayelet will share from her personal journey of being a woman in the tech industry, which started officially in her army reserve, but unofficially long before that. Ayelet will talk about lessons learned during her 18 year career in the industry, leading a community and mentoring, offering her perspective and practical tips about the importance of career management, brand and soft skills, "tell your story" and personal introspective.

Audience: all levels

#softskills #womenintech #career #tellyourstory #selfbrand